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SinksSinks - A range of sink types to try and cover most peoples needs. The sink types consist of; kitchen, bathroom, stainless steel, Kohler sinks & more. You will find prices, pictures and links of where to purchase them.

Four superb antique wash basins, all in different unique styles of their own. From the Kinloch D-shaped wash basin to the hand carved Pink marble wash basin and toilet.


Kinloch D-Shaped Wash Basin
The dimensions of the Kinloch D-shaped wash basin is 765mm wide x 580mm (30"x 22"). The Kinloch hand basin has a solid brass overflow. waste, natural rubber plug and chain. This antique wash basin is in an Edwardian design.

This wash basin is priced at 685 and can be bought from Drummonds (Link to the right of the page).

Kinloch wash-hand basin with fittings in nickel (685 inc.vat).

Kinloch wash-hand basin with fittings in chrome (685 inc.vat).

Also shown is the Kinloch basin stand in solid brass 395 inc.vat Nickel and chrome are also available 490 inc.vat.

Black marble unit
Black Marble Unit

Shanks Black Marble Unit
Pictured above is the very nice looking Shanks black marble unit with a wooden splashback and mirror. Under this antique wash basin is a very spacious cupboard for storage. This Shanks wash basin will cost you 4,465 inc VAT, the taps are not included in this price and will cost you a extra 265 inc VAT.

The dimensions are 940 mm wide (37"), 610 mm from front to back (24"), 775 mm high (30.5") and the splashback and mirror are an additional 1067 mm high (42").

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Drummonds Arch - Antique wash basins, antique stocks change constantly site is update all the time, based in London, UK.

Thomas Crapper - Thomas Crapper & Company Limited, range of products including antique wash basins, woodwork and baths.

Deco pedestal basin
Deco Pedestal Basin

The Metro
"The Metro" Deco pedestal basin is priced at 1,500 including VAT, this antique wash basin comes with original taps made by Shanks which are made of chrome. This items dimensions are: 457 mm from front to back (18"), 635 mm wide (25") and 864 mm high (34").

Pink marble
Pink Marble

Two set basin and loo
Thus two set of pink marble basin and loo are a very rare product, they are carved from a single piece of pink marble wash basin and toilet. There is only two sets available both with a wash basin and toilet. The two sets are not identical there is a slight variation between the two. The pink marble set is priced at 4,960 inc VAT

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